Blog Intro & Reading Update

Hello everyone! Welcome to Tia Says! I’m really excited to be finally setting up this blog! For a while now, I’ve had a blog (which was under the same name actually) that I didn’t use. I posted sporadically, I hated the way it looked, I didn’t like my content, and so I never felt motivated to actually put any effort into it. I decided that starting completely from scratch and creating a new site would be perfect, in that I could redesign my whole blog, and go from the beginning. I’ve deleted all my old content, and started entirely again, in that the site has no followers, no views, no nothing. It’s a whole new start.

For those of you who were following the old blog, the content will be very much the same, but for those of you who are new, here’s what will be on Tia Says. Though I know my name doesn’t necessarily state this, my blog will be primarily a book blog, with my posts focusing on books*, although with the occasional lifestyle post thrown in there for good measure. Book posts will include: discussions and lists (which I think will be my main sub category), reviews, tags and more. Lifestyle posts (which will probably be rare and sporadic) will most likely be: bullet journal posts, music, travel (although technically that’s a separate category), and other random things. All in all though, I will have two blog posts up every week to start with, but depending on how things go this may change.

* duh


As the blog will also be primarily book focused, I also thought that I’d share my reading preferences, books I’ve recently loved and my current read!

Current Read



Okay, so first off, my current read (which you can keep up to date with on my GoodReads) is The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg which I am actually quite enjoying. It came up as a recommended book on Amazon, and as it was free with Kindle Unlimited (which I have a trial for), I decided to give it a go. It took me a little while to get into (which might have been due to me being in a minor slump after my previous read), but once I got into it, it did pick up and I’m liking it so far! Apart from Harry Potter, I haven’t read many books that feature magic and spells, so this is a nice change from my usual. The concept is also really interesting, and even though some parts are a tad predictable, that doesn’t matter too much to me.

Last Read

My previous read which left me in a little bit of a reading slump was This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab! I talk more about this book in my review which you can see here, but let me just say I am so so annoyed that I didn’t pick this book up sooner. The Monsters of Verity duology has been recommended to me a lot of times, but the synopsis has never really appealed to me, so I never picked it up BUT I am now kicking myself for not going with it earlier on. It was incredible and I absolutely loved it so if you are like me, I say just GO FOR IT because it is unlikely to disappoint.

Also, so many people have told me that A Darker Shade of Magic is better which I don’t understand because HOW?! This Savage Song was brilliant and I gave it all the stars, so I don’t even know how it can be even better?? We shall have to see though, because it is on my tbr for… some point?*

And for those of you who are interested, my reading preference/fave genres are YA contemporary and fantasy. Some of my favourite books of all time, ever, are: the Harry Potter series (duh), Fangirl, The Hate U Give and my newest “all the stars” read, This Savage Song!

* #ihavetoomanybooksonmytbr #bookwormproblems


And that’s it for today’s post! Thanks for reading, I hope it served as a nice introduction to my blog (because I’m generally bad at writing intros)! I’m really excited to start posting more on here, and to start sharing all the content I have planned! So you don’t miss anything, feel free to click the follow button (shameless plug sorry ;)). Also, I’m always looking for new blogs to follow, so feel free to share your own link/your faves!

Lets Chat

Do you find writing introductions difficult? What is your current read? What was your last?

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